What We Do

At Ocala Christian Church, we are committed to reaching our community and the world with God’s love. Beyond Sunday morning worship services, we try to accomplish our goal to love and serve others through other opportunities.

We are able to make greater strides by going beyond our own church family and connecting with specialized organizations. Below is a list of some of the projects we are involved in, and the organizations who we are supporting:


Helping the Homeless

Interfaith Emergency Services
The Dignity Center
Open Arms Village for Homeless

College/University Student Outreach

University of Florida Christian Campus House
Christian Campus House FSU
Johnson University Florida


International Disaster Emergency Service (I.D.E.S.)
Mid-India Christian Mission
Pioneer Bible Translators
Christian Missionary Fellowship


North Florida Christian Camp
Alexander Christian Foundation of Florida

Sunday Worship Services

717 NE 36th Ave. (Ocala, FL)